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Office 365 Public Folder Migration

I was working in a Hybrid Exchange Deployment of Office 365 this past week and came across a few issues with the documentation from Microsoft so I thought I’d point out a couple of issues.

The first issue I ran into was locating the correct scripts to make it work. When you look at this documentation on Public Folder Migration you’ll be hard pressed to actually find a link that will help you download anything:

But all in all that document is what you MUST work out of to make this public folder migration work.

If you go out to the Download center and search for the Public Folder Migration Scripts you’ll find that the download is missing a couple of the scripts you need to make this work but download these anyway because you will need these anyway:

You’ll also want to download these scripts because these include the ones missing from the above scripts link:

As I worked through a couple other issues I had with the documentation I stumbled on a couple of other things – first this:
From the code below left me scratching my head – However in the end it does work even though I could not find out what boilerplate the code is form. 
Make certain when you run this you use the and not just your DomainName.Com

New-AcceptedDomain -Name "PublicFolderDestination_78c0b207_5ad2_4fee_8cb9_f373175b3f99" -DomainName -DomainType InternalRelay 

During the Start the Migration Request phase of the process I collected all the information and ran the request in Step 6 and started getting errors with this heading:
MapiExceptionNoAccess: Unable to make connection to the server. (hr=0x80070005, ec=-2147024891)
At first I started to despair and then while I stared it I realized the command

New-PublicFolderMigrationRequest -OutlookAnywhereHostName: $source_OutlookAnywhereExternalHostName -CSVData (Get-Content <folder_mapping.csv> -Encoding Byte) -RemoteCredential: $source_credential -RemoteMailboxLegacyDN: $source_remoteMailboxLegacyDN -RemoteMailboxServerLegacyDN: $source_remotePublicFolderServerLegacyDN -AuthenticationMethod Basic

While looking at this I began to realize the -AuthenticationMethod Basic was the cause and although the documentation didn’t give me a good clue it did hit me that the Auth was for Outlook Anywhere which was part of the collection of information to build the request. Since OA was NTLM not Basic I reran the request with NTLM at the end and it worked.

Once I got it kicked off I wanted to be able to see the percent complete when looking at the request so I ran this command to see that:

Get-PublicFolderMigrationRequest | Get-PublicFolderMigrationRequestStatistics -IncludeReport | FL Statusdetail,percentcomplete

The final thing I ran into was an error after I started the finalization  where the Status Detail was the StatusDetail was StalledDueToMailboxLock
StatusDetail    : StalledDueToMailboxLock
PercentComplete : 95

After some searching I came up with the solution of restarting the information store on the Legacy Exchange server. Once I did that shortly afterwards the Status moved to Completion and then finished.

One resource which helped me a considerable amount was the Microsoft Exchange 2013 Cookbook from  Michael Van Horenbeeck. Although it is not aimed at Office 365 I’ve used this to migrate Public Folders to Exchange 2013 servers and was able to glean enough from it to ease the pain of the unclear Microsoft Documentation.

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