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Office 365 has wrong email address Part 1

Lately this has come up a couple of times and I haven’t had too much time to set down and figure it out so today I thought I’d take the time to document the issues and a way to fix it.

When you set up DirSync from Active Directory to Office 365 without a hybrid Exchange server you’re faced with a problem: How do you set the Email address of the users?

When you use DirSync you can’t set the Office 365 email address out in the Cloud because it is being managed from Active DIrectory. If you don’t have a Hybrid Exchange configuration you don’t have any place to set the Email Address so when you go to Office 365 the email address will look like this:
So the question is how do I get rid of the part of the email address.

In order to answer the question above we have to understand that the problem comes from Active Directory not Office 365.  Since we’re using DirSync to send the Active Directory Attributes to Office 365 we need to have the Primary SMTP address set in AD. To Set the Primary SMTP address for a user in AD you need to edit ProxyAddresses Atrribute for the user AND you need to make sure the Primary Email address has the prefix of SMTP:
Just like you see it below.


Now you can go about manually adding this address to each user in Active Directory but if you have a lot of users you’ll probably start hating life pretty quickly. So in Part 2 we’ll look at some code to Automate this process.

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