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SBS 2011 Exchange Hybrid with Office 365

SBS 2011 Exchange Hybrid – don’t bother

The short answer is you can’t do it.

Ok that might not be enough for you so let me give you a longer answer which I hope will satisfy you and if doesn’t then good luck and God Speed!

So here’s what you’re going to hear: SBS 2010 has Exchanger 2010 on it and all you have to do is make sure it’s on SP3 and you can run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. While this is true enough you can run the HCW you can’t however connect your Exchange server to another forest which is essentially what you’re doing when you Add the Exchange Forest.


When you go to add that Exchange Forest you’re going to start to run into issues even though you were able to run the HCW.

Notice from this next screenshot you’re getting an error message complaining about the WinRM client and all that jazz but also notice you can’t change the domain… no matter what you do here you can’t… Which means you can’t log into Office 365 which means this will not work.


I worked with a great engineer from Microsoft and between the two of us we put in way more time than we should have on this issue simply because the documentation isn’t out there that says you CAN’T do it… well here it comes. Sadly it’s not a lot of documentation but if there was enough documentation on this I would not be writing this post…

So here is the story:

You can’t add the Exchange forest because SBS 2011 won’t allow an Inter-Forest Trust


Here is a link to the document SBS 1011 FAQ the screenshot above is from Page 4.
I hope this saves you the hours of time it cost me.