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Pin-Point DNS (Split- DNS Alternative)

Frequently you’re faced creating DNS records for internal objects that we don’t have a Zone for. If you create a Forward Lookup Zone for them then you need maintain it for ALL the external records to. just imagine the issues that come with that, but thankfully we can create a Pin-Point record that will solve this for us with very little effort.

First take a look at this internal DNS Server:


You can see here that I have an ExchangeNerd.Local zone but no
So if I wanted to create a record for you might think the first step is create a Zone for but instead we’re going to create a Zone for which is the External Name of my mail server.

Right Click Forward lookup Zone and Choose New Zone:


This will launch the New Zone Wizard – click next
Choose Primary Zone and Make sure the Checkbox is checked for Store In Active Directory.
Click Next


If you’re dealing with just a domain then Choose Zone Replication for Domain.
If you’re dealing with a Forest then choose Forest – If you don’t know then choose Domain ;-)


Now Name the Zone the FQDN of the External Record – in my case it’s


Choose Allow on Secure dynamic updates for this zone – then click next and finished to create the Zone.


Now you have a Pin- Point zone all you need to do now is point requests to you internal host.
Expand your new Zone and in the right hand pane right click and choose New Host Record:


Notice that if you leave the Host Name blank it uses the name of the zone which we just created – so leave that field blank and add the IP address of the internal resource:


Wait for AD replication to work and you’re done!